Comotomo Replacement Nipples - 2 Pack


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Comotomo SIlicone Nipples are designed with a super-wide mound and natural shaped nipple for a better latch that mimics breastfeeding as much as possible.

These replacement nipples have an air-vent system and offer vacuum free feeding for a more natural feeding experience for your baby. Comotomo nipples provide your baby with a nice steady flow that gives them the nutrition they need without additional air that can cause an upset tummy or colic. Comotomo has built its reputation on offering the most authentic feeding experience for infants when bottle feeding. If you have experienced the difference these bottles and nipples offer then you'll know why Comotomo is the best choice for your baby. Purchase several replacement nipples so you always have one on hand.


Comotomo replacement nipples are available in 4 different flows.  Here is a guide to help you determine the most suitable one for your baby:

  • Slow Flow (1 hole) for newborn to 3 months
  • Medium Flow (2 holes) for 3 to 6 months
  • Fast Flow (3 holes) 6 months +
  • Variable Flow (Y Cut) for thickened feeds


Dishwasher and microwave safe.



  • Package Quantity: 2
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Not Included: Bottles
  • Features: Vent, Vacuum-Free Feeding, Nipple Vent, Valve
  • Safety and Security Features: Nitrosamine-free, BPA-free
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 3-6 Months
  • Care and Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe top Rack only
  • Material: Silicone
  • Protective Qualities: Shatterproof, Scratch Resistant, Dishwasher Safe, Leak-Proof, Bacteria resistant
  • Dimensions: 11cm H x 9.5cm W x 7.5 D
  • Weight: 66 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Worth the money

The bottles and teats are fantastic. My baby fed well with them every time. She seemed very comfortable feeding and did not fuss like the normal teats. But just be mindful, the big round shape of the teats makes it tricky to feed when baby is in the car seat as baby will be positioned more upright. If the baby is small, it might cover their nose.

Looks and feels great!

My baby hasn’t arrived yet so I haven’t got the chance to test it out really. But I can say it doesn’t leak, its easy to clean, it looks and feels great and I love that it is chemical free and safe!!

Como Tomo

The only bottles both my girls would take! I tried many other types with no success. There was no Como Tomo stock in Australia when i was trying to get my breastfed baby to a bottle (my second daughter at 7 months old), so I bought other brands to try as i thought surely she wont be as fussy as her sister (Avent, Pigeon, Minbie, Tommy Teepee). Turns out they were a waste and when the stock came back, i bought a Como Tomo and my baby took to it straight away. Amazing product, especially to make the transition from breast to bottle.




These bottles have been our saviour.

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